No one likes meetings, but they are a necessary element of work...especially now. Working from home has drastically changed the entire atmosphere of work and meetings. Your only contact might be through a meeting. Still, without planning and boundaries, the meetings will continue to be unfruitful for you and your organization.

This 30-minute course will explore the dynamics of virtual meetings and dive into typical meeting practices that work whether you are virtual or face-to-face.

Hi, I’m Barbara Evers

Barbara V. Evers is a professional trainer, speaker, and freelance writer/editor who has taught and written customized training programs for over 20 years. With a BA in Zoology and an MA in Professional Communication, she combines her analytical background with her theoretical experience to design, conduct, and manage training for a variety of clients. She approaches every workshop with a passion to help people achieve their highest potential.

Her certifications include:

·       Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

·       Coaching Using Multiple Models

·       Global Corporate College (GCC)

·       Development Dimensions International (DDI)

Barbara is a regular presenter for professional organizations, and she strives to provide a focused, interactive experience for each training participant. Her areas of expertise include Customer Service, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Leadership, Team Building, Communications, Public Speaking, and Business Writing. 

Barbara writes for several blogs including two of her own and is an active member of South Carolina Writers Association and the Association for Psychological Type International.

For more information, visit her website,

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